Thursday, June 14, 2012

General Photonics introduces industry leading Polarization Scrambler/Controller

The NEW MPC-202 from General Photonics is  the most versatile and fastest fiber based scrambler/controller available on the market today. It is ideal for high-speed coherent applications featuring:
  • the ability to test coherent detection receivers with up to 360,000 radian/sec scrambling
  • Use the new Tornado mode to develop a “worst case” scenario
  • Use the Rayleigh scrambling mode to set up precise emulation of real world fiber
  • Patented Multi-stage Design
  • New Tornado™  Mode for SOP tracking speed testing of coherent detection systems (up to 360,000 rad/s)
  • Low PMD, PDL and IL
Follow this link to find more details - or email to request a data sheet, demo and/or quote.

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