Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pickering Announces a new solid state 4x4 RF Switch Matrix

Pickering introduced their first solid state RF Switch Matrix last week at IMS 2012!

40-884 6GHz RF 4x4 Matrix features:
  •     10MHz to 6GHz frequency range 
  •     50 Ohm solid state switch matrix enabling High Speed switching
  •     Solid state switching for long life
  •     +30dBm switch capacity
  •      Compact 3 slot PXI format
  •     Automatic unused input termination 
  •     Available in PXI and LXI formats
      The 40-884 is ideal for application where concurrent testing of multiple input devices are required to be tested against multiple test equipment, allowing up to 4 devices to be tested against up to 4 items of tests equipment. Expansion can be supported thru the use of other solid state switching modules such as 40-880.

      The 40-884 is supplied with drivers that allow users to support the module in all popular PXI software environments. In addition the 40-881 can be supported in Pickering Interfaces 60-100 series LXI Modular Switching chassis, permitting users to choose their switching platform while retaining the same high performance characteristics and driver environment.

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