Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to TeraBlog

Welcome to TeraBlog  - a vehicle that we will use to more closely connect with our customers in a friendly and convenient way.

It seems every month we have new and valuable information that we want to share with our customers but phone and email seem to be inadequate methods of communications given the pace our customers run at. So to better meet the demands of our customers and more rapidly disseminate useful information we will use the TeraBlog to post new product releases, new feature releases, new line additions and any news worthy items related to our principals and our industry that we feel have value for our customers.

If you browse our website ( you will see that we provide solutions in a variety of product areas ranging from DC power supplies to Optical and RF Test Equipment and Components to full ATE solutions. Understanding that our diverse customer base may have interest in only a subset of these areas we will do our best to keep each blog focused in a particular product area thus allowing you to easily identify blogs that have particular relevance for you.

We look forward to using this new platform to not only share information with you but to also receive your feedback and input so that we may better serve you.

Stay tuned!