Monday, October 1, 2012

Pickering - Introduces 5 NEW PXI Products!

Pickering Interfaces has expanded their PXI switch offering and also opens up the world of USB instruments to PXI platforms with their new USB 2.0 Hub

 PXI USB 2.0 Hub
  • Adds USB 2.0 Control Directly to PXI Chassis
  • 8 Port USB 2.0 Hub
  • Data Stream Directly From PXI Backplane
  • USB Power On All Outputs
  • Programmatic Disconnect of Power & Data
  • Controller to USB Connection Via USB Windows Driver

Click here for an article on the use of the new USB Hub

PXI 6GHz 4X4 Solid State Matrix
  • 4X4 Matrix with Automatic Termination
  • 30dBm Input Power Handling
  • Excellent Crosstalk & Isolation
  • Solid State Switching For Long Service Life
  • Compact 3 Slot Form Factor
  • Fast Operating Speed

PXI High Density 2A "BRIC" Matrix
  • Very High Density Scalable 2A Matrix
  • Integrated PXI Module With Built In High
    Performance Screened Analog Bus
  • 4-Slot Configurations to 176x8 (1 pole)
  • 8-Slot Configurations to 352x8 (1 pole)
  • 80% Higher Density than Any Competing Product
  • Switch up to 200VDC/140VAC, 2A, 60W

 PXI Expandable RF Matrices
  • 16x4, 16x2 and 8x4 RF Coaxial Matrices
  • 300MHz Usable Bandwidth
  • Easy To Use Loop Thru Option To Allow
    Unlimited X Axis Expansion
  • High Density SMB and Multiway Connector
  • 75Ω Versions Suitable for Telecoms and
    Video Switching

PXI High Density Multiplexer
  • Highest Density 2A Multiplexers in PXI
  • 158-Channel 1-Pole or 79-Channel 2-Pole
  • Low Cost per Channel
  • Maximum Current 2A Hot or Cold Switching
  • Switch up to 300Vdc/250Vac
  • Isolation relays for simple channel expansion

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NEW Cost Effective, Hi-Res Optical Reflectometer from LUNA

Introducing LUNA's OBR 5T-50!

* Cost competitive, high resolution optical reflectometer
* Industry-leading combination of speed, range, resolution and accuracy. 
  • 11.9 Hz measurement and display rate
  • 8.5 meter maximum device length
  • 20 micron spatial resolution
  • 0.015 % length accuracy
* Automatically locates reflective events and reports their IL, RL, and location
* Streamlined, intuitive user interface
* Software Development Kit and remote control software included

* Price @ $36,000.00

Applications include:
* Measure Return Loss, Insertion Loss, length with one sweep! 
* Manufacturing Inspection & QA
* Cables, connectors, switches, couplers, PLCs, DWDM, etc.
* Real-time optical alignment
* Skew, RF over fiber, time delay, OCT
* Fault location  

contact us to be one of the first to schedule your demo!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Technology Upgrade for your 86142B!

Well natural selection has done it again - after years of allowing for the marginal OSA line from Agilent to develop into a product worthy of the Agilent name time has finally run out. It seems Agilent has finally said "uncle" and is exiting the OSA marketplace.

The good news for those that have been loyal to Agilent is that when you now look at alternatives you will find what you have been looking for all along - a cost effective, world-class OSA with better resolution BW than you ever had before, free space input and unsurpassed Dynamic Range all wrapped up in the Yokogawa AQ6370C!

If you want to rid yourself of yesterday's technology and upgrade to the world's best OSA we are here to help! Call us (203 401-8093) or email us ( to learn how you can trade-in your Agilent 86142B and receive up to $10K towards the purchase of an AQ637x series OSA, or anything else you may want to put that money towards.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TeraComm now partnered with Diagnosys - providing In-Circuit, Functional Test & Diagnostic Solutions

With their US Headquarters in Westford, MA Diagnosys is a local resource 
providing expertise in all areas of test. Having over 25 years of experience 
and a worldwide presence, Diagnosys offers real solutions to test challenges

Expertise in these areas:
  • Functional Test Systems - S500 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Geotest Introduces Performance PXI DMM

GX2065 features 6.5 digit measurement capability with 3 MS/s digitizer

Irvine, Calif. (July 9, 2012) - Geotest has announced the release of the GX2065, a 6.5 digit PXI DMM for high performance measurement applications. The GX2065 is a full-featured, multifunction DMM and offers all of the capabilities associated with standard bench top DMMs including DCV, ACV, 2 and 4 - wire resistance measurements, and current measurements. Additionally, the GX2065 features a 3 MS/s, 16 bit, isolated input digitizer which allows users to acquire and analyze waveforms.
"Geotest has devoted considerable effort to the development of the GX2065 in order to deliver a product that offers users an outstanding combination of features and performance for the PXI platform" said Loofie Gutterman, president of Geotest. "The GX2065 incorporates proven DMM design techniques with the newest in component technologies - resulting in an instrument that offers both precision and performance. With the GX2065's capabilities and features, customers now have a DMM that offers outstanding value and flexibility for baseband measurements."
The GX2065 is supplied with a software package which includes a virtual instrument panel and Windows 32/64-bit driver libraries for ATEasy, LabView, LabView/Real-Time, C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Linux 32/64, Delphi, and Pascal. Compatible drivers for the Signametrics SMX2040 & SMX2060 DMMs are also supplied, allowing customers to easily upgrade existing applications to the GX2065.
Pricing and Availability:
The GX2065 is available now. US list price is $1895.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pickering Announces a new solid state 4x4 RF Switch Matrix

Pickering introduced their first solid state RF Switch Matrix last week at IMS 2012!

40-884 6GHz RF 4x4 Matrix features:
  •     10MHz to 6GHz frequency range 
  •     50 Ohm solid state switch matrix enabling High Speed switching
  •     Solid state switching for long life
  •     +30dBm switch capacity
  •      Compact 3 slot PXI format
  •     Automatic unused input termination 
  •     Available in PXI and LXI formats
      The 40-884 is ideal for application where concurrent testing of multiple input devices are required to be tested against multiple test equipment, allowing up to 4 devices to be tested against up to 4 items of tests equipment. Expansion can be supported thru the use of other solid state switching modules such as 40-880.

      The 40-884 is supplied with drivers that allow users to support the module in all popular PXI software environments. In addition the 40-881 can be supported in Pickering Interfaces 60-100 series LXI Modular Switching chassis, permitting users to choose their switching platform while retaining the same high performance characteristics and driver environment.

    email us @ for more information

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finisar - NEW Waveshaper Firmware now available!

Finisar has a great improvement of usability for the WaveShaper!

Finisar has released a new firmware which is capable to store the wsconfig file of the WaveShaper on the instrument. This means that users do not need to upload this file from the CD anymore.

Only the very old E-series cannot be upgraded.

Follow these links to find the latest firmware and also a document describing the procedure.

To perform this upgrade you need to download the latest WaveManager 2.0.7 and follow the steps in the attached document.

Please email us with any questions or if you would like us to help -

Monday, June 18, 2012

IMS 2012 - this week in Montreal (June 17-22)

Be sure to visit our following partners at IMS 2012 this week in Montreal! Visit for show details.

ATE Systems, Inc. (Booth: 3422) – expert solutions for VNA calibration

Centellax, Inc. (Booth: 2822) – Leading supplier of high-speed analog semiconductor products

EMSCAN (Booth: 1128- Antenna Pattern Measurements in Less Than a Second

In-Phase Technologies, Inc. (Booth: 1222) - Leading provider of RF and Microwave ATE systems

LadyBug Technologies LLC (Booth: 3019) – USB RF/Microwave Power Meters, hi-speed and zero cal

Linearizer Technology, Inc. (Booth: 507) - RF over Fiber experts 

Phase Matrix Inc. (Booth: 1315) – QuickSyn synthesizer, fast switching and excellent phase noise performance

Pickering Interfaces, Inc. (Booth: 418– PXI and LXI switching experts

Vaunix Technology Corp. (Booth: 1129) – USB RF/Microwave sources

X-Com Systems (Booth: 1224) Provides wideband RF signal recording, analysis and signal generation solutions

Thursday, June 14, 2012

General Photonics introduces industry leading Polarization Scrambler/Controller

The NEW MPC-202 from General Photonics is  the most versatile and fastest fiber based scrambler/controller available on the market today. It is ideal for high-speed coherent applications featuring:
  • the ability to test coherent detection receivers with up to 360,000 radian/sec scrambling
  • Use the new Tornado mode to develop a “worst case” scenario
  • Use the Rayleigh scrambling mode to set up precise emulation of real world fiber
  • Patented Multi-stage Design
  • New Tornado™  Mode for SOP tracking speed testing of coherent detection systems (up to 360,000 rad/s)
  • Low PMD, PDL and IL
Follow this link to find more details - or email to request a data sheet, demo and/or quote.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fiberfest is tomorrow - 6/13/12 @ the Westford Regency

Be sure to stop by Fiberfest at the Westford Regency tomorrow (6/13) from 10AM-7PM - cocktail reception from 5PM-7PM. TeraComm will be there along with many other exhibitors. Visit for more details.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Polatis introduces 192x192 Optical Switch

Polatis is proud to announce the release of their series 6000 optical cross connect switch. The product features 192channels x 192channels non-blocking optical cross connects with insertion loss typically
< 1.0dB - all in a 3U foot print with MTP connectors. This resilient design also features a dual redundant power system and network interfaces. Let us know if you would like more information

Thursday, June 7, 2012

TeraComm now partnered with metrictest

TeraComm  is pleased to announce that we are representing metrictest for test equipment rentals and used test equipment sales. Having recently been purchased by Microlease  - metrictest has a large inventory of test equipment immediately available for rental or purchase. Featured manufacturers are:
JDSU, Tektronix, Agilent, Rohde&Schwarz and Advantest.

Please send us an email with with your request @