Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NEW Cost Effective, Hi-Res Optical Reflectometer from LUNA

Introducing LUNA's OBR 5T-50!

* Cost competitive, high resolution optical reflectometer
* Industry-leading combination of speed, range, resolution and accuracy. 
  • 11.9 Hz measurement and display rate
  • 8.5 meter maximum device length
  • 20 micron spatial resolution
  • 0.015 % length accuracy
* Automatically locates reflective events and reports their IL, RL, and location
* Streamlined, intuitive user interface
* Software Development Kit and remote control software included

* Price @ $36,000.00

Applications include:
* Measure Return Loss, Insertion Loss, length with one sweep! 
* Manufacturing Inspection & QA
* Cables, connectors, switches, couplers, PLCs, DWDM, etc.
* Real-time optical alignment
* Skew, RF over fiber, time delay, OCT
* Fault location  

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